TOP 3 ConSOULtation

TOP 3 ConSOULtation

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This spiritual consultation includes an astrology reading for each your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant/Rising Sign.

We are more than just our Sun sign. Did you ever look up your horoscope in the Newpaper? Or the way things are now, checked your Horoscope on app?

This entire time we have been reading about just one of our astrology signs. Human beings are each extremely unique. There is no one like you, doesn't matter how much there can be in common there will always only be one you.

When we read more into our birth chart we learn why things are the way they are. In my opinion your moon sign is the real you, your truest self. Your rising sign is the way others see you and sets the tone for your chart (life).

You will receive a written consultation, along with your birth chart. All consultations are confidential.


*Please provide your Email along with:

*Date of Birth

*Time of Birth

*Location of Birth

in the 'notes or instructions' box before checkout to receive your reading (must provide this information or a reading cannot be conducted).

*For entertainment purposes only.

Thank you

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