Thank you for being here! My name is Fiend Alle, from Brooklyn, New York. Owner of SCARYbutCARING, I’m a fiend for promoting wellness throughout humanity. A Virgo Sun, dedicated to serve those in need, a Cancer Moon, intuitively a nurturer, and a Libra Rising, understanding different perspectives to help achieve social justice.    

I’ve been a student of Astrology for Five years, professionally for Two years. I specialize in Tropical Astrology, offering Placidus Natal Chart consultations. 
I have studied from a few of the greatest astrologers of our time, including Imani Herron and Astrodim. 
Life can be scary sometimes, so this company is more of a companion, here to show you we care. Love Medicine through Astrology Spiritual Consultations & Mother Earth. With this combination I promote well being and personal growth, going beyond the traditional forms of healing. Helping those interested in developing their relationship with a greater power. 
Ethically, no beliefs are pushed onto the clients, rather the client is guided by their own needs.